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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research Pages: 8 (2058 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Journal article critique

Staff turnover and recruitment in hospitality

(Mind Perk, 2013)

Student Name: Steven Hwang (Hyun woo Hwang)
Student Number: 17670644
La Trobe University in North Sydney Campus

Lecturer: Vicki J Hetherington

Tutor: Peter Lipman

* Table of Contents

1: Introduction2
2: Literature Review3
3: Methodology3
4: Data collection Tools4
4.1: Data collection tools4
4.2: Methodology and data collection tools4
5: Ethical Issues4
5.1: Ethical issues related to the data collection tools4
5.2: Relevance and reason of the ethical issues4
6: Sampling4
6.1: A sampling method4
6.2: Effect of sampling method to support the study4
7: Validity and Reliability4
8: Data Analysis Tools4
8.1: Appropriateness4
8.2: Relationship between the data analysis and methodology4
9: Conclusion4


1.0: Introduction

Small hospitality businesses struggling with the staffing issues and staff turnover is one of the major issues in a college town in America, according to Alonso’s and O’Neill’s study. The purpose of this report is to critique their study “Staffing issues among small hospitality businesses” (2009) to reduce the chance of failure by better decision making based on research. Objectives, challenges and solutions from the article’s objectives are included, being staff turnover issues, lack of labour issues and challenges between employees and operators in the college town.

The importance of the study is relevant to the objectives and this report will review the methodology to have solutions for problems occurred between student community and the hospitality industry, for example, the study said which is “cycle of failure”, according to Schlesinger and Heskett (1991, p17), and it may affect “the business’ quality of service provided and consistency of services from staff turnover” (Alonso and O’Neill, 2009, p574).

2.0: Literature Review
A Literature Review of the study mainly focuses on the staff turnover and other problems possibly becoming threats. As the staffing issue is one major problem, Alonso and O’Neill include more information about staff training program and further development programs. However, to ensure a broad understanding of this staffing issue, other aspects may cause the staffing issues, for instance, “There are many signs that the recession is subsiding and the economy is slowly coming back. Employees have gone several years with little if any rises. They have watched coworkers and friends be let go” (The Thriving Small Business, 2013). So, the authors may need to review employees' compensation packages such as health care benefits and retirement benefits as for a solution regarding the needs for staff retention. Moreover, questions and answers in table 1 create further understanding of the staffing issue and other challenges from the study.

Table 1 Question and Answer in the study
Questions| Answers|
To be a successful business, what could be a critical point in terms of human resource?| “Leadership skill may help organisation to utilise the available human resources more effectively” (Erkultu and Chafra ,2006, p285 ). | What things can be the challenges for restaurateurs or management?| “Yet none of these writers provides a cost-benefit analysis of the training programs or advises managers how to obtain training dollars from reluctant owners”(Simons and Hinkin, 2001, p65) | (Alonso and O’Neill, 2009, p574)

3.0: Methodology and Research Objectives
Description and exploratory methods are used that may be categorized to survey research, case study research and observational research, in order to “describe information on the issue” (Hetherington, lecturer, pers. comm, 2012). Additionally, these types of research relating to the objective of the study are to identify “knowledge of the local hospitality industry” (Alonso and O’Neill, 2009,...
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