Topics: Personality psychology, Big Five personality traits, Leukemia Pages: 3 (884 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Alexandro Sanchez
Concept - Identity vs role confusion (Peer Relationship)
Just the word “adolescence” raises all sorts of feelings and images for most people because of the unpredictable time it represents. This stage is called Identity vs. Role Confusion; and for me it was a period of time that was defined by confusion within my mind and body. It was a journey to find out who I really was in this world. In trying to develop my identity, or lack of identity, I would either choose loyalties and promises or I would steer clear of them. I made these choices because I was confused about what I truly believed in. Being able to separate what I personally wanted and needed proved to be extremely tough since I was constantly concerned about how I appeared to other people. To this day, some part of me still deals with this internal battle. But I think that is normal, to a certain extent. When I was younger I had a speech disorder that I still occasionally struggle with to this day. Not being able to control this stuttering problem when I was younger made me an easy target to my fellow peers. This was extremely discouraging and made it hard for me to talk to people, because I feared that I would be made fun of. This went on for a few years, but after a while I slowly built up the courage to talk a little more each day. Soon, my friends could not get me to shut up because of how well I am now able to control my speech disorder.

Concept - Generativity vs Stagnation (Parenting)
Parenting is something I find very interesting - not that I want kids anytime soon. I just find that it is remarkable to observe the different ways parents “think” are the best way to raise a child. I definitely do not have some ultimate formula about raising kids, but sometimes I think the things people do with their children are downright comical. The main point that I got from the readings all comes down to really one simple question. (Can I make my life count?) The...
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