Topics: Mind, Psychology, Soul Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: April 18, 2013
(1.) Issue Identification - Identify two specific issues on which Gretchen Weirob and Sam Miller disagree, explaining what the main points of disagreement between them are for each issue (2 paragraphs, one paragraph for each disagreement). Weirob disagrees with Miller. Weirob does not believe that someone can survive after death. Weirob wonders how is it possible for someone to survive, if they are considered to be dead and their bodies are decayed? She says that someone who is dead, no longer exist. She rejects what Miller has to say regarding this because she know that she is going to die soon, and she knows that her body will be decomposed after her death. Miller agrees that the identity of two persons consist of a soul, mind and self that are considered to remain the same over time. He uses the example that someone can replace a destroyed tissue box with another tissue box that looks the same, even though it is not the same tissue box. He uses this as an example on Weirob. He says that someone like Weirob in the future will not be Weirob, if she had decayed. Weirob rejects what miller stated, because she says since we are not able to see our soul, the thought of someone soul remaining the same over time is the same as someone’s body remaining the same overtime. Miller states that his own soul has been with his own body as evidence. Another disagreement is whether personal identity consists in memory. Miller states that someone can survive death, if there is someone who has memories of that person’s life. Weirob disagrees with Miller because she thinks that someone can have memories of someone that are considered to be false , and also these memories are not considered to be their own memories, because they have not experienced these memories. Also, she states that if God created everyone to have the same memory like hers, than everyone would be like her. She basically states what exactly is personal identity?

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