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As a GCU student in the class UNV 103, prioritizing is very significant for me because without it I would not be able to complete my assignments on time. I begin my week with reading the assignments and answering the discussion forum questions. Next, I usually reply to other peoples posts throughout the week. I will start writing the journal entries and completing the assignments that are due for the week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Finally, I read my work over before I finally submit my assignments for the week. After a hard day of work I come home and complete my assignments first, and then I complete any other chores that I have to do.Making sure that I stay focused on my assignments includes reading and reviewing the work prior to completing all. Following, the readings I review what I have read, and I ask myself questions to make sure that I understand the readings. After, the readings I work on the assignments, and go back to what I have read to help me complete the assignment. Priority begins with reading first, questioning the assignment, writing the assignment then reviewing.

This assignment was pretty easy to understand what was expected. The tools that I use in helping me complete the task each week were used in this module. I have enjoyed this experience of writing journal entries. I feel that prioritizing is the ultimate tool to obtain a college degree. I feel that completing a degree program involves organizing and prioritizing your time.
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