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Topics: Electronic health record, Personal health record, Medical informatics Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Corrina Davis
Journal Article
MRT 111 6-820
February 1, 2013

The Role of the Personal Health Record in the EHR (Updated)
This article states how they are improving health records. They are trying to make everything much safer, more efficient, and all around easier for doctors and patients. The personal health record (PHR) will be a valuable asset to individuals and families, enabling them to integrate and manage their healthcare information through secure, standardized tools. It is important for everyone to work together to make this happen.

In October 2003, AHIMA launched its Web site. It is a guide for the public to understand and manage personal health information. The site explains a health record, provides instructions on accessing health information and compiling and keeping a PHR, and explains privacy rights. The site constantly continues to educate the public regarding the PHRs.

In March 2005, AHIMA produced a public education presentation kit titled "Your Personal Health Information: How to Access, Manage, and Protect It." The kit provides HIM leaders with complete materials for an hour-long presentation to the general public. It includes a video, a PowerPoint presentation, a handout, and fliers for advertising the event.

In January 2008, AHIMA launched a new campaign called "It's HI Time, America!" and included national radio and television public service announcements. A documentary focusing on real-life stories aimed at assisting consumers in relating to the necessity of managing their PHRs also was developed. At the same time, AHIMA reorganized the “my PHR Web site” to offer a comprehensive menu of peer-reviewed PHR information and step-by-step guides for creating a PHR with forms in English and Spanish.

The PHR is different from an electronic health record (EHR). The PHR is intended to be an electronic lifelong individual record maintained by the consumer. The consumer owns, manages, and documents information within the PHR by...
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