Holistic Development Observations

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Child Observations

Physical Development

Cognitive Development

Language Development

Emotional Development

Social Development

Observation No. 001 - Physical Development.3
Personal learning gained:5
Observation No. 002 - Cognitive Development.6
Personal learning gained:9
Observation No. 003 - Language Development.10
Personal learning gained:13
Observation No. 004 - Emotional Development.14
Personal learning gained:16
Observation No. 005 - Social Development.17
Personal learning gained:21
Appendix (A) copy of permission letter23

Date: 14 /01/2013| Number of children present: 6|
Start time:11.00am| Finish time:11.45am|
Number and role of adults present: * 1 student (Observer) * 2 members of staff| Permission sought from:Parent and Supervisor |
Type of setting:The setting is a large Crèche in a large town. The centre caters for children from ages 6 months to 5 and has over forty children and a large female staff. There is only one male carer employed there at the time of writing. The Crèche is open from 8.00 to 6.00 Mon to Friday.| Immediate environment:The observation took place in the baby room; it is a bright room with large high windows. The room is split into two smaller rooms. One of the rooms is for sleeping and has 6 cots. The other room has a small area with play mats and cushions, a wooden rocking chair, a play area and a large selection of age appropriate toys. There are also a couple of walkers. | Brief description of child being observed: TC is a male child aged 12 months. He has been attending the Crèche since he was 6 months old. | Aim of observation:The aim of this observation is to assess the Physical development of TC| Rational:Observing children is important as it is a useful tool for planning developmentally appropriate activities to encourage and promote holistic Development. | Method:Check list| Media:Pen and Developmental Check list | Signed by Supervisor and student: |

Observation No. 001 - Physical Development.

| The child was observed doing this| TC| Child being observed|  Date| 14/01/13| X| The child cannot do this| OC| Another child|  Time Start| 11.00| N/O| This was not observed during the observation| OA| Another Adult|  Time Finish| 11.40|  | Action|  | Evidence|

Prone| Can life head and chest well clear of the floor, supporting themselves with outstretched arms –hands on the floor.| N/O| | | Can roll over from front to back and (Usually) from back to front.| N/O|  | | May pull knees up in an attempt to crawl but will slide backwards.| N/O|  | Supine| May lift arms in a request to be lifted| N/O| | | | | |

| Will kick strongly using alternative feet| N/O| |
| May lift up legs and grasp one foot or both, attempting to put them in mouth| N/O| | Sitting| May lift arms in a request to be lifted| |  TC has lifted his arms up as the Staff member walks in his direction.| | May sit alone momentarily, but is likely to topple and will not put hands out to break fall| N/O| | | When hands grasps, will brace shoulders and pull themselves to sit| N/O| | | Can sit alone indefinitely| | TC is sitting on a mat watching the events of the room. (2 and half minutes and then begins to crawl over to a red block on the floor. Uses pincer grip to pick up block) | | Can pull themselves to stand and walk around furniture. (coasting)| N/O|  TC kneels to reach things and sits down when he has them. | | Can get into a sitting position from lying down| |  TC was put left in prone position after nappy change and was able to get into sitting position.| Standing| Enjoys bearing weight and will bounce up and down|...
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