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‘’It is important to plan to meet the care and learning needs of all children.’’

External research


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The first stage of the learning cycle is planning and this is where you plan for the children activities that will be carried out throughout the time at placement and these activities need to be planned for the needs of all children. When practitioners are planning the activity they need to consider the resources, if the activity is age stage appropriate, any protective clothing that may be need during the activity, health and safety and how all the children will be included together, not discriminating any child because of their age, gender, abilities or disability. The second stage is where the planned activity takes places and during this the children will carry out the activity to help them, learn and develop in all aspects of development; social, emotional, physical, and intellectual and language development. It also allows practitioners to observe the children during play activities. When practitioners observe, they look for the child’s development and abilities. The third and last stage of the cycle is to review and this is when the practitioner looks back and reflects on the activity (reflect on it) to see where they can improve. The planning cycle is used to meets care needs of children, learning needs of children, help them develop and help them to develop and learn different stages of development. I have seen this happen at placement where the practitioners were planning an activity along the lines of previously noticing a group of boys enjoy playing with the cars and after noticing this, they decided to carry out a work sheet using cars to teach them how to count. When planning this activity, they considered the abilities of the children, the health and safety as well as resources needed. During this activity the practitioners were observing to see how the children were coping, child’s development stages and what the children were learning during the activity. Once the activity has taken place the practitioners reviewed it by using a reflective cycle. A long term goal is something you want to achieve over a long period of time normal one year or five years. In a school a long term plan is used to cover all aspects of the National Curriculum whereas in a Nursery a long term plan would cover all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS, 2012). The practitioners would plan for whole year of children’s time at the setting and it meets the care needs of children by planning for their holidays. It cares for the learning needs of children because it plans to provide the best use of resources and equipment available and the environment in which the children will learn in. This can be a disadvantage because the planning doesn’t allow for immediate changes on a day to day or termly basis. A long term plan would be covering a curriculum plan because it sets goals, develops strategies and outlines tasks and schedules within the setting. It meets the care needs of children by allowing the practitioners to provide supporting activities for the individual needs of the children and meets the hearing needs by having opportunities that challenge the children, varied types of activities such as adult- led, child-led and free play by learning indoors and outdoors. Practitioners have a meeting ever term and plan for activities and task for the whole school term of the child to help support and develop their care and learning needs in the best possible way to allow each individual child to achieve the next stage. A medium term goal is something that you build upon from a short team goal. Practitioners would plan termly/monthly by building upon the short term plans. It meets the learning needs of children by looking at the themes. Medium term planning in my placement considers a central theme spread across a...
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