Working Together for the Benefit of Children and Young People.

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Working together for the benefit of children and young people.

Multi agency working- different services working together to meet the needs of young children and their parents or carers. Integrated working- different services joining together to offer more affective care for young children.  

Understanding integrated and multi agency working.
Multi agency working, is different services and agencies, that work together to provide the services that meet the needs of children, parents and carers. Nursery settings are integrated as they offer a variety of services in one place, e.g. integrated early education and child care; provide a range of community and health services. Professionals that work together to support children;

Social workers
Speech and language therapists
Play specialists
Educational psychologists
The importance of multi agency and integrated working,
A child who is in a nursery setting, may have a range of needs and the way that we work together will have a positive impact on the child’s development, health and learning. Many nurseries are helping children with theirs and their families wider needs. This is a very important part in the child’s upbringing and is known as ‘Every child matters.’ There are 5 outcomes of ‘every child matters;’

Be healthy
Stay safe
Enjoy and achieve
Make a positive contribution
Achieve economic well being.
The early years foundation stage is clear that different professionals, working together will help improve outcomes for children in both learning and development. How integrated working practices and multi agency working in partnership deliver better out comes, There are many outcomes that can be positive, when families and professionals are working together, that can agree on a way in which a child may need help with their development. Normally a plan is put in place for the child so they are able to achieve their full potential. If outcomes for children are to be positive it is very important that the adults involved understand what information can be shared with others and what should be kept confidential. Functions of external agencies in my nursery,

Health care professionals, speech and language therapists and health visitors; They will work closely with the setting and family .
Social workers;
These are people that will support children and their families. Barriers of integrated working and multi agency working,
Some common barriers are;
People who have been trained to work with children may not like being managed by a person who has different values, views and expertise. This is very commo9n in children settings Some people who work in a child setting are not confident which means they may not like sharing their knowledge Some people are trained in specific areas of child care and therefore may not like having to be trained to widen their knowledge and skills in their every day working life. These factors can be overcome by;

Each person working within their group should be respected
The knowledge that each person has should be valued and an asset to any workplace Professionals will need to hold meetings so they are able to share their experiences and training with other professionals Multi agency professionals need to have an open mind to consider different ways of worker. Why referrals are made between agencies

When a child attends a nursery or preschool their parents and key carers may recognise between them that a child may require extra support from other settings or professionals, e.g. hearing, speech, language etc. In different areas of the country there are different professionals within different agencies that are able to help children who need extra support. Theses people aim to; Recognise a child support is required early on

Identify the support that is needed quickly and refer them to the professionals who are able to help Monitor the child’s progress
Insure that the families day nurseries, preschools and...
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