Cache Level 2 Unit 4

Topics: Learning, Play, Doctor Pages: 4 (1025 words) Published: May 21, 2012
Unit 4 - children and play

D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, C

One setting where children might play is a nursery; the typical age range a child would play in the nursery is aged between 3-4 years. The stage of play for a child to be involved with while playing in the nursery might be associative play stage which means children look to see what other children are doing and may copy them; children may stand at the edge of older children’s games. The types of play that would take place in a nursery is pretend play, this means that the child use there imagination and act out things they have seen and/or heard. The activity that can be is doctors/nurses they can pretend to be doctors and treat patients for colds, broken arms/legs. The risk and challenges of this activity is the risks are hurting themselves on the doctor play set, make sure its age appropriate and not broken. The resources needed are costumes (doctors/nurses) doctor kit. The reason why I am using these resources is because they will help the children know what a doctor does when or if they have to go to the doctors so they won’t be nervous.

Another setting is a garden; the typical age range is 5-7 years. The stage of play is cooperative play this means they can play actively together as well as talk about and decide what to play. By the age of 7 play they learn to play by the rules and to understand what the game is about. The type of play is physical; this is when children use their bodies in most of the activity. The activity is for the children to learn how to work as a team and learn how to negotiate with each other. The risk is falling over each other and tripping over. The resources that are needed are colored bibs to separate teams, 2 goals and a ball. The reason why I am using these resources is because help them to recognize how to split teams.

A setting is an after school club the typical age range for an after school club is 4-7 years. The stage of play is cooperative play, this means...
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