Nvq Unit 303 Supporting Children Through Transitions

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Unit 303
Supporting children through transitions
Transitions occur when a child moves from one care situation to another. Children of all ages experience transitions.

0-3 years
Children attend a setting for the first time – a nursery, pre-school, crèche, and childminder’s home. Move within a setting – from the baby room to the toddler room, or change childminders.

To help and support the children through the transition you could: •Ensure all registration information has been received before the child attends, so that practitioners are prepared to meet the child’s needs. •Have a key worker allocated to the child

Combine visits with parents, shorter stays before longer ones. •Tell children and adults that a new child is coming and encourages them to make the child welcome. •Give the child a warm welcome.

Encourage children and parents to say goodbye to one another. •Show the child around and explain the routine, where to hang up coats etc. •Remain supportive.
Provide ways to involve families in the child’s experience, to assist the transition from the setting to home.

3-7 years
Transitions are periods of change which generally involve a loss of familiar people in a child’s life. Different children respond differently to transitions, children attending pre-school or juniors, a child moving within a setting. Children have new living arrangement or maybe even a stay in hospital. To help and prepare for change you could:

Communicate with the children about the transition. Talking about what will happen as well as listening to the child’s concerns. •Arrange a visit to a new setting prior to the transition with parental supervision. •Ensure all documentation about the child is organised in advance. •Communicate with the children continuously to see and monitor their progress.

7-12 years
Children and babies are naturally motivated to lean until the age of seven or eight. At this age school work may become taxing and the...
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