Gaps Closing

Topics: Customer service, Supply and demand, Customer Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: May 3, 2011
When the channel gaps are identified, the next step to close these gaps so that the zero-based channel may be achieved. Different types of gaps require different types of solutions. So now we have to close the gaps. Proposed Demand-side Gaps:

There are three main methods to close the demand side gaps.
* Expanding or retracting the level of service outputs provided to target segment. * Offering multiple service output levels to target segment. * If required altering the target segment.
We have gap on the demand side which is assortment and variety (SOS<SOD). So now we decided whether to close this gap or not. As our product is yogurt so it is very difficult to get the different variety of the yogurt from the start because still now we have to survive in the market. When we established ourselves in the market, than we should focus on this gap. So that we can meet the target customer demand. To close the gap we can use the first method of expanding the level of service output provided. If we provide the customers spatial convenience and customer service output demand than it helps us to build the good relationship among our customers. Because due to expanding in this level of service output the customer focus will be less on the variety service output. And the second method is also used to give our customer’s different levels of service output demand so that the satisfaction of the customer can be achieved. If one time the customer is satisfy with our product than there is long-lasting relationship between customer and supplier. And still now we can’t afford the third method because the product is newly; launch. Company cannot change the target segment from the start due to lack of resources. Proposed Supply side Gaps:

Gaps arising from high cost channel flow performance on the supply side also managed through multiple means: * Changing the roles of current channel members
* Investing in new technology to...
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