How Important and Applicable Do You Feel Segmentation Was for Gillette

Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Gillette Pages: 4 (1003 words) Published: April 22, 2013
How important and applicable do you feel segmentation was for Gillette Any market in terms of marketing consists of buyers who differ in their tastes, desires, needs, and, most importantly, buy goods based on different motivations. Therefore, the entrepreneur must understand that in diversity of demand, especially in a competitive environment, each person will react differently to the goods or services offered. Very difficult to satisfy all customers, because each of them has some differences in the requirements. Production and sale of a limited number of types and models of products, designed only to a certain average level, without differentiation needs may not be the best strategy to use the potential of the company. For example, some consumers prefer high quality products and are willing to pay the price, while others have a desire to buy a product with acceptable consumer characteristics at a low price. It may be the case that the average number and a set of properties with an average price does not satisfy any of these groups of consumers. In this case, the planning of the business should be considered as a differentiated market structure based on groups of consumers and consumer goods properties. Implementation of a successful business in a market environment requires consideration of individual preferences of different categories of buyers. That is the basis of market segmentation. With the segmentation of the total number of potential consumers choose certain types (market segments), to present a more or less uniform requirements for the product. Market segments should primarily target the production and sale of goods. The main purpose of segmentation - to target designs, manufactures and traded goods. The basic principle of marketing is customer orientation. Market segmentation allows more effective means and methods of advertising, price control of forms and methods of sale. Its meaning lies in the fact that the company does not spray, and focuses on...
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