Nivea Segmentation

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Nivea is a well-known brand within skin care and body care. It is part of a range of brands produced and sold by Beiersdorf. Beiersdorf, founded in 1882, has grown to be a global company specializing in skin and beauty care. Nivea brand represent very high quality beauty care and skin product. Nivea products close to its customers, regardless of where they live. They know what customer need and coming up with new products. The numbers of consumers are becoming increasingly interested in health and appearance due to the influence of the media and social changes, with demand for consumer.

Nivea deodorants are very popular and well know in teenager, middle age. When Nivea came up with this new product they make a lot promotion which is very important for marketing activities of Nivea.

Segmented and Target Market
A market segment consists of a group of customers who share a similar set of wants. The marketer does not create the segments; the marketer’s task is to identify the segments and decide which one to target. Segment marketing offers several benefits over mass marketing. The company can create a more fine-tuned product or service offering and price it appropriately for the target segment. The company can more easily select the best distribution and communications channels, and it will also have a clearer picture of its competitors.

Geographic Segmentation

• Regions - Commonly people prefer to use roll on time anytime but Nivea roll on can segment the market on the high temperature area cause in the hotter regions people need stay odourless.

• Cities - Consumption of roll on is more in the cities as compare to the countryside due to various factors such as income and education level. Nivea should make the product available in every place.

Demographic Segmentation

• Age – Nivea roll on can easily target various age groups. It is important to focus on teenager to middle age.

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