Topics: Economics, The Table, The Profit Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Task 1.1:
1.There are some key trends which may have infections to Elecdyne during the next 5 years, those factor are shown as follow: •Globalization in all industry may become a very important trend to the company. Because all of the top management team have learnt English, and several of them have studied abroad, that may lead an opening change from the top to the bottom, from minds to actions. •Trade with more and more Asia countries may become a popular tendency to Elecdyne because most of the countries have the cheapest labour and material so that they can produce the products in a very low price. •The change of customer needs will also be an important factor which means the different demands in different period may determine the development direction of Elecdyne. •With the development of technology and the society, more and more hi-tech methods of marketing such as on-line shopping or e-trade will play an important role in the business between Elecdyne and other companies.

2.I will choose a STEEP table as the best tool for analysis of the Elecdyne situation because the table may contain more information than the map and it is clearer in each section. That may be easier for the Elecdyne to make an analysis to their risk and make an improvement in each part.

3.The STEEP table
Social trends:
For their Old rivals who are already know the strategy of Elecdyne may have some influence on their future plan. There are another pressure of those new-growth enterprise and also have some competition to Elecdyne. That because the increase sense in greenness of consumers may be a big challenge. The increasing of variety demands may lead the company adjust their principle of management. In order to ensure customers are satisfactory on their services. And retain their old customers and explore more potential consumers. Nowadays, mass media are playing an important role in every field. Either a positive news or negative news can have a big effect on...
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