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T-Mobile is one of the leading mobile network operators in the world. Today, the company operates worldwide, though it is headquartered in Germany and European market was traditionally the main, target market of the company. Nevertheless, the process of globalization stimulated T-Mobile to develop its business internationally and the company has entered successful mobile network markets in many countries of the world, including the USA. In such a situation, the company needs to focus on the target audience which can allow the company to maximize its profits. In this respect, the proper market segmentation is crucial. Taking into consideration the specificity of T-Mobile’s business, i.e. mobile networks and telecommunication services, the following segments are particularly prospective: 16-24 years and 25-35 years customer groups. In fact, both customer groups are of the paramount importance for the company since they will definitely constitute the overwhelming majority of the company’s customers. What is more important, these two groups will readily order and buy innovations introduced by the company that will facilitate the company’s development and market expansion. Nevertheless, either customer group has its own specificities, which the company has to take into consideration while developing its marketing strategy. Young people at the age of 16-24 are very important for the company because they are the most susceptible to technological innovations and advances introduced by the company. At the same time, this customer group is likely to spend a lot of time and, therefore, money on communication with their friends, family, etc. Consequently, the company can count for considerable profits while providing its products and services to customers at the age of 16-24. In this respect, it is important to understand needs and lifestyle of customers at this age. In fact, customers at the age of 16-24 are young people who need to communicate regularly with a large number of people. However, their income is unstable and often they are dependent on their parents who support them financially, especially in their pre- and early-twenties. In such a way, they have a strong in communication and, therefore, use products and services of T-Mobile but they cannot always have a clear payments or communication plan for certain period of time. They use their mobile phones spontaneously and often disproportionally. Therefore, this company can offer pay as you go service to this group of customers since it meets their current needs and it is convenient to use. At any rate, it does not raise insurmountable problems in face of young people at the age of 16-24. Another customer group at the age of 25-35 has different needs and lead a different lifestyle. In fact, these people are mature and are concerned with their professional life and career, while personal life and interests, which prevail in 16-24 year-old customers, are secondary. Therefore, the customers at the age of 25-35 are more oriented on business communication. The latter means that they need a regular mobile communication. At the same time, this trend can be traced not only in their professional but also personal life since these people are likely to start their family life that increases the demand for communication. Hence, the company should offer them Pay monthly service. In such a way, both customer groups defined above are highly prospective for T-Mobile because they need mobile communication and, therefore, they will readily use products and services offered by the company. At the same time, the company needs to take into consideration specificities of each customer group to meet its specific demands. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Technologically, T-mobile has rolled out many new phones to keep up with competitors - the google g1 phone, the samsung behold, the many blackberry phones, various pda...
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