News Corporation Strategic Planning and Implementation

Topics: Marketing, Economics, Project management Pages: 4 (688 words) Published: March 26, 2011

Business – we –Do Service (BWDS) is an Existing service sector since a decade and providing varied change management services to various clients such as Commercial sectors ,as on Trading organization and Government units both at local level and national level.

The company is well equipped with 4 Directors, with specialized fields such as Finance, HR, Marketing, and operations and 12 management consultant and 6 Administrate staff.

An Analysis to Company’s background gives a class picture that it had a comfortable experience in providing various services in the Fields as management to various clients.

The business expansion program of the Firm (BWDS) in the Field of service sectors by developing a new service project Management Training service (PMT services) will be adding one more feather to the company’s crown.

Though the Company Finance Directors doubtful about of viability of the proposal expansion, the marketing and operation directors are optimistic because they are real player in the market who understands the costumers’ requirement and their demand.

Markets are dynamic unless we satisfy our costumers, we can’t service. In this regard expansion with new service which fetches good result.

As a project manager I look in to the aspects as:-

The company possesses well experience man power, which can be added advantage for expansion.

Investment in new project will be wasteful; as such we are having well diversified market at national and international level.

Risk is associated with investment proposal but we are not changing line of service sector. Evaluation of project is done by taking in to consideration the costumers need.

The new service sector will have long run benefits.
Our own Existing Employees are trained, they will boost our confidence. .

Looking into all above we can go for expansion which will open a new gate of revenue.


Case study for launching a new...
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