Field Commander Paper

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I would like to try out for a leadership position in the band, also known as field commander. I understand that this requires maximum dedication and hard work throughout the year. It is my responsibility to put that into action and consideration for my fellow band members and staff. Putting everybody first will be my intention in all occasions. I currently play the clarinet all year around as a sophomore. I have been focused on this for five years now, and I know that I will promote and sustain that in being a field commander as well. I try to achieve all that is possible with my talents along with my other activities. I participate in solo and ensemble, all-county band, all-district band, percussion ensemble, and the drama department as activities each year. These activities mold me into an experienced musician and has allowed me to strive for my desires and appreciate the art in life. Not only do I try to accomplish these events in the band, but I am also a leader of the school. This year is my ninth year of being a cheerleader and it has taught me a lot about respect. I understand that people do not consider cheerleading a sport, but they do not take into their consideration the hard work we put into everything we do. This also relates to the band because it is not known as a competitive sport, but we work just as hard in our job and perfecting performances, just as much as any athlete. Nine years of the same activity takes lots of endurance and dedication into a certain passion, and I have learned over the years to have this. Self control is an important role in the job. With being in charge of an extensive group, self control is a key quality to embrace. It will be my job to step up and avoid any difficulties or problems, simply because nobody else will. As a leader, I must make peace among everybody and show no disrespect towards any other student. Everything I do, I remember the simple word, effort. Essentially, if we think of ourselves as naturally...
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