Welcome Week Leader Essay

Topics: High school, Leadership, 2006 albums Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Throughout my high school time, being a part of various organizations helped me learn and improve numerous social skills. After attending to the Welcome Week 2012 I totally understood how difficult of the position that my Welcome Week Leader held because I was a leader of the group with the similar size during the Singing Contest when I was in 9th grade. By having a set of rules, I kept my group away from becoming chaotic. Being a leader of this group it was not a difficult position for me since most of members were from the same grade as me. Having known most of them helped me a lot because I knew who they were and how to work with different kinds of people. When we work with other people we will always run into troubles, and it also happened in my group. As a leader I had to figure out the best way to solve the problems without hurting anyone’s feelings. As a Welcome Week leader I will try my best to apply everything that I did when I was a leader of my group at the Singing Contest. I will explain clearly the rules that students have to follow during the Welcome Week. Then, to make the communication within us clearer, I will try my best to know every student well. Also, I will make students know each other well, so we can work better together. Moreover, I will apply different ways to help them stay away from troubles. Overall, being a Welcome Week Leader will be another chance for me to practice my leadership and social skills. My goals would be to impact these freshmen in the most positive ways, help them know more about the U, and make a group become a small family.
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