Expository Essay

Topics: History of education, Adult education, Social software Pages: 5 (1599 words) Published: September 9, 2012
Expository Essay
Brittany Williams
University of Phoenix
ENG 106
Marcia Kmetz
May 22, 2011

Online learning is all so important to everyone that can not attend a classroom setting, because of work or some other reason why they don’t have the time to be in a classroom. What is online learning? There are so many reasons why online learning has it advantages. Online learning has its pros and cons to learning; I will give some examples with explanations for clarity.

Online learning is the construction and making of the personal computer, the world of thoughts and additional personal actions, and the utilizing of technological tools in changing thoughts and allowing admission to more people. It is the division of instructors and students that is different than a person to person education, it is the influence of an instructive society that distinguishes itself from reading and personal tutoring, it is the applying of a online learning tool to show or give some learning skills, and the condition of communicating with two or more people through a online learning network so that students and other people may profit from contact with every one. There are so many names used to describe online learning or education. Most are essential in online education learning, internet based education in learning, web based education in learning, and learning education via computer mediated communication.

Here is a list of advantages of learning online with explanations of how they are advantage for everyone. 1. Online learning is convenient. The largest advantage of online lessons is that your class room and teacher are accessible all year round. Your simple reason for not attending class is not being online! If not, all is obtainable to you. You will be able to get statements, right to use remarks, assess coursework, acquire tests, talk about problems, and communicate through the internet with other people and gather information at your convenience. Except from time periods to turn in assignments, everyone decides on when they will finish their work. 2. Online learning offers flexibility.

Everyone chooses when they will study. We can pick who we want to work or study with within the internet world. We get to wear what we want and how we want to wear our clothes without hassle. Learning using the internet gives everyone the ability to expend time with work, family, and friends, love ones or anything else you choose to do. No matter how we see this as a advantage, our work has to be turned in on time, through continuous adjustments work agendas or for that person who travels a lot, couples with new born, people taking care of love ones or who has handicaps which will not allow them to take classes on campuses, and for people who can’t get to a campus because of the weather. 3. Online learning brings education right to your home.

Taking courses through the computer allows for your family and friends to be a part of your work. Sometimes we will have that chance study with our partners. Children may take an interest in the online environment. It gives parents the opportunity to monitor what we are doing in our classes. This helps when you can see that your whole household is being supportive and helping you. 4. Online learning offers more individual attention.

It gives everyone a direct contact line with our teachers, with our questions being answered straight from the instructor to you. You never have to fear asking a question you may think is inappropriate in class. This gives you the ability to have that one on one time with your teacher. Sometimes questions may come to your mind after hours; this gives you that ability to still get an answer to that question. 5. Online learning helps you meet interesting people.

While taking classes on campuses you may be to shy to talk with someone, but online you can communicate with confidence. Online learning allows everyone to meet people through the...
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