Challenges & Strategies of Graduate Studies

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Challenges and Strategies of Graduate Studies
Torya Polk
March 25, 2013
Bradley Rinehimer
Challenges and Strategies of Graduate Studies

People have different reasons for pursuing higher education, for some it may be personal, professional, or both. Whatever the decision may be, there are many benefits to earning a graduate degree, but it is also challenging and can be stressful.Graduate studies can consist of many challenges that may have its advantages and disadvantages, in which may cause stressors among college students. There are several areas to consider when studying on a graduate level. Finances, Time management, balancing family, professional, and social life, and studying habits are major areas of focus when pursuing graduate studies. Graduate studies are very expensive, and funding is a genuine concern to returning graduate students, but there are various options that can be available for attending graduate school to avoid out- of- pocket expenses. Federal grants, tuition reimbursement assistance, financial aid, scholarships, and student loans are some options to consider as a funding method. First, one should consult with a financial advisor for help to select the appropriate funding option for continuing education.Second, one must establish, which method of learning is appropriate for their educational needs, lifestyle, and time availability. If time is a big factor in one’s lifestyle, online classes will be a better option, because of the allotment of flexibility, free of parking worries, and there is no set time for daily classes. This allows the student more time to cover other daily responsibilities. However, on campus classes allows the student to have a more hands on experience with learning, and closer learning interaction with classmates and instructors.Third, Time is not always easy to balance but can be manage wisely with proper planning. When a student is attending school, time has to be factored into everyday life...
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