Tradional vs Online Schooling

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Running head: Traditional vs. Online

Traditional vs. Online: What is the answer?
Janell Lyvere
Composition I, South Orlando

Traditional vs. Online: What is the answer?
Traditional and Online college learning is becoming a more difficult decision for future students. They find themselves asking if the traditional way or the up and coming way is for them. That is one of the hardest questions to be answered. If the on campus style is for them or the free style of online is for them. Age has a big factor in this choice. Also among these factors is if the schedule of these classes will fit in with the person’s life. When you graduate high school the thought of college is used because of freedom, social interaction and or parents making them go. The age groups of 18-21 are going to college for the main purpose of social interaction. They are less focused on the act of getting a higher education as going to parties, fraternities and sororities. The age groups of 29 and up are focused on getting the degree and less interested in the social interaction. Yes there is a few of the younger students that are there for a college degree and less interested in the social enquires. Time is also a major influence in what we choose to do. If you have a family and are working it would be easier for them to take on line classes because of the flexibility of the classes can fit into their schedules. For example I am taking on line courses because I have three children, which two of them are in school. The other is at home and I have to attend her needs. Also with my husband being the sole provider at the time and moment I cannot afford a sitter for her because it would cost too much for my family to survive. Evan at minimum wage the sitter would take my whole check and there would be no reason for me to work if I cannot make any money to help out monetarily. Those who have free time and no schedule traditional college can work for you. You have the option of taking day or...
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