Traditional Classrooms vs Online Classes

Topics: Education, History of education, E-learning Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: March 4, 2012
You don’t want to be the one to break tradition, do you? Traditional classrooms are called traditional for a reason. We are accustomed to this way of teaching because of its effectiveness. Now, there is an argument that online classes are a better form of education. There is better focus in a traditional classroom than an online class. Traditional classrooms offer interaction with the teacher and classmates. Classes taken in classrooms also use schedules rather than leaving the responsibility to the student. I believe traditional classrooms provide a more effective education than online classes.

Classroom based courses offer more focus than online courses. In a classroom, students are forced to be quiet and listen to the teacher or their peers. They do not have many options besides learning. It is against the rules to sleep, eat and text during the class period. Online, students can do any of those. They can even switch to a different tab with their favorite social network instead of what they’re supposed to be learning. They can text freely on their phones with no one stopping them. With the rules in a classroom, students are far less distracted than when taking a course online.

Traditional classrooms allow interaction with other students and the teacher or instructor. However, in online classes, you’re only another name on the list. In a traditional classroom, if you are having a problem with the assignment or trouble understanding, you can go straight to the teacher for help. You can also ask your classmates for help if the teacher is busy. With online classes, you’d have to e-mail your teacher for help. It’s no guarantee that you’d get a reply immediately. Your teacher could be without Internet connection for a period of time. In such case, you would not be able to get your answers. You also don’t get any interaction with other students taking the same class, which can leave you stuck and on your own. The interaction that a traditional classroom has can...
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