Compare and Contrast Public Schools and Online Schools

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Academic degree, Master's degree Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Online schools versus campus schools, can one completely replace another? I’ve personally had the opportunity to experience both schools. Although they both provide the same outcome, which is a college degree of your choice of studies, there are advantages of one versus the other. I believe online schools are better to attend because of the convenience, satisfying classroom experience, and the cost and length of time to complete the degree program.

Going to school online, you have more convenience in sitting in front of an computer in your living room. You can work at your own pace, and stop and take a break when ever you need to. You don’t have to worry about having to commute back and forth to school. What I like most is that I’m able to be with my children and don’t have to worry about getting childcare for them. I can take them to doctor’s appointments or out to the park for outings and still be able to attend my classes online. If you were going to school on campus, you would have to worry about getting to class on time. Sometimes you have those mornings where you just don’t want to climb out of bed. You don’t want to be late because you might miss part of your lecture. There is a set schedule that you must follow will going to school on campus and every minute is allotted for. I like to be able to be comfortable and not up tight because this would interfere with my ability to concentrate on why I’m there in the first place.

I’m not one that likes to speak in front of a crowd or any type of public speaking. I’m a very shy person so I have more confidence in speaking through the lines of the computer. Online classes allows a shy person to be more comfortable in interacting in discussion with others because you are not face to face and you don’t have to be nervous about it. All students are treated 100% equal and you don’t have to worry about being judge about age, race, or gender. It sad to mention that but in reality it still is people that are...
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