Week 3 Hum/111

Topics: History of education, Formative assessment, E-learning Pages: 3 (753 words) Published: May 6, 2011
Title| Assessing the Validity of Varying Points of View|

Assessment A, Part 2: Assessing the Validity of Statements in a Discussion| Explain why "You can't learn as much online as in a normal classroom" is unreasonable.| There are no facts supporting the statement that “you cannot learn as much online as in a classroom”. Everyone has their own needs for learning some people do better online in the privacy of their home where there are not any distractions, and some people need have face to face interaction in order to learn. Some people who are in online classes may learn more than those who are in a classroom. No matter what you choose the learning part is up to you and how committed you are to furthering your education.|

Explain why "You get better personalization and interaction online than with a traditional class" is unreasonable.| I would not say with online learning that you get better personalization and interaction than with a traditional class. You can get the same amount from both the interaction part depends on the student. You may go to traditional classes and never interact because you are a shy person; however when you get online you may feel free to express your opinions more. It can also go the opposite way, you may not be able to commit yourself enough online to make time for interaction where as if you were in class it would be much easier for you to join in discussions.|

Explain why "An online degree will never earn you the same salary as a traditional degree" is unreasonable.| Most companies are not biased when it come to on-line learning versus traditional learning so there would be no reason for them to show favoritism to one or the other. Plus, I do not think that is a proven fact I just think it is the opinion of someone who does not feel online degrees are equal to traditional degrees.|


Assessment B: Identify Strategies for Critical Reading, Listening, and Viewing| |
I am going to be...
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