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Topics: E-learning, Adult education Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Online Classes are easier for me to attend due to the convenience of flexible hours, the savings of time and money, and technological edge. Every morning I wake up and make my coffee, log into my computer, and check into my online classroom. I post answers to discussion questions throughout the week, write research papers, take weekly quizzes, and read my textbook all online. I actually enjoy this time. I get to wear my glasses, slippers, yoga pants, and cozy sweater, rather than jeans, boots, make-up and contacts. I don’t have to carry my backpack, find parking, or miss my cat.

In my experience with online classes, I have found that the level of difficulty is equal to that of the traditional classroom. Online classes present the same level of challenge, but they are much more convenient. No set time is established for when and where you work. Courses are accessible from any computer, and usually twenty-four hours a day. I am able to plan my study time around my day instead of the other way around. I can listen to online lecture late at night when the house is quiet, or during the day when everyone has gone to work. I can pause, replay, and skip as much audio lecture as I want. Last night I took an exam at ten p.m. This was after a day of on campus classes, a dentist appointment, and a work shift. I knew I could fit the fifty minute timed exam in my day somewhere, but the flexibility of being able to have it done by midnight made my day flow with ease.

The online classroom allows me to save money on textbooks and gas. I drive a suburban that has a huge gas tank, and takes nearly a hundred dollars to fill. Instead of driving forty minutes to campus five days a week, I meet face to face with my online class for three labs, and the final. My lab teacher created her own Lab book designed for online learning that saved me $150 dollars on the traditionally required lab book. Because Online classes save time and are flexible I am able to have more...
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