Online Learning Versus Traditional Learning

Topics: Virtual learning environment, Education, Difference Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: September 19, 2012
ENG 121
AUGUST 12, 2012

The purpose of this essay is to talk about some of the differences between learning online and the traditional classroom learning. There are many differences and similarities and I will discuss some of them in this paper. Some people feel that traditional classroom learning is best, however some feel that online learning is best; these opinions are formed for different reasons; the main factors usually considered are; form of interaction, convenience, and cost. All three of these points will be discussed in this essay. The first point that come into play when someone is deciding between online learning and traditional classroom learning is the form of interaction. In a traditional classroom setting a person would be in a classroom with an instructor and anywhere from ten to thirty classmates. All questions are directed to the instructor directly during class hours. Discussions are held where all members of the class participate if desired, speaking in turn. In an online learning setting there are roughly the same number of students per class. All questions are answered via email or chat (when available). In an online classroom there is a discussion forum where you can see some of the questions that your classmates have asked and possibly find answers to some of your own questions there. Interaction is different however in both online and traditional learning environments there is a system in place to answer student questions. The second point that is assessed when weighing the option of online or traditional learning is convenience. In a traditional learning setting you have the option of choosing the class times that are best for you from what is available. You are required to be in class during those times and there is always an absentee policy in place, which tells you how many days/hours you are allowed to miss per class. Some people find the structure of this type of learning...
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