Online vs. Traditional

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Online vs. Traditional
Shakea Ricks
Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101)
Prof: Michelle Worley
April 23, 2012

Online vs. Traditional
Over the past years the desire to obtain an online degree has increased. Although many adults want the flexibility in scheduled online courses has to offer, many technical problems arise with online classes as many middle aged parents or full time employees take a chance with online classes. They are prepared for the online problems that will arise such as software errors. Traditional classes require the use of a heavy and bulky textbook and the courses are not as flexible as online classes, you are offered e-books and are not required to keep attendance and commute between campuses. Middle age students are more probable to prosper in online schooling than a traditional college student. Middle age students have greater responsibility and maturity. Traditional college students from ages 18 through 21 profit from a social atmosphere that a traditional college campus tends to offer. Many adults have families or full time jobs and regard college as an educational location and not a social life. For younger students, college means newborn liberty since they can live away from parents. One key advantage of studying online is the flexibility of your schedule. Yes, online classes do offer flexibility to study to a degree but it does not mean that you can start taking your classes frivolously. An online education course is beneficial specifically for working students who are required to balance their schedule between working and studying and possibly even taking care of children. By online education programs, a student can use their time more efficiently to attend courses without depriving them of a job is, it is highly commended that the person committing to online courses have a great skill in time management and not have problems in procrastinating they must set priorities courses before having fun and partying. Colleges around the world have adopted online education, as it eliminates many utilities that take to manage a classroom. As said by Online Degree Direct “today, more than 60% of colleges and universities including Harvard, Duke University and Pennsylvania State University offer online degrees.” That is more than half the schools and it includes some of the largest and well-known colleges. Online classes are considerably affordable due to utilities such as desks, tables, test material and paper material not to mention electronics for the classroom, being eradicated with online schooling, there are some necessities that are kept such as your everyday scientific calculator for your math class, with so many utilities and electronics being eliminated cost of tuition will not be as costly as some might think. It is well known that once you are put in a social environment you are deemed to socialize and devote less time studying and more time partying, “One remarkable bit of feedback is that home-school students perform 15%-20% better in studies than their friends who go to a traditional school.” (Miller, 2010) That means distraction and drama must have been eliminated or greatly reduced student social life becomes a big part of traditional schooling particularly in secondary school; The student must give much more attention and focus toward their studies on online classes as you can typically create a schedule to fit your desires. Many know the traditional setting of a classroom with the personal direct interaction with students and teachers meeting at a specific time, textbooks and additional accessories must be bought thus leading to a higher tuition fee, and not to mention they are heavy and bulky which would most likely lead to the purchase of a backpack it can also be out of stock and cause study delays whereas online eBooks can be bought and used instantaneously you have all your eBooks stored on one device and can be web integrated. A commute among campus and home,...
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