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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Unit 1 – The Street that Got Mislaid

1. Where did Marc Girondin work? Answer: Marc Girondin worked in the filing section of the Montreal City Hall’s engineering department. 2. Where did Marc stay? Did he like it there? Answer: Marc stayed in Oven Street. He did not like living there at all because his neighbours were very noisy and his landlady was noisy and violent. 3. Did Marc know the names of all the streets in the city? Answer: The whole city was laid out like a map in Marc’s mind. He knew the names of all the places and streets and even blind alleys and winding lanes spread across the city. 4. What did Marc find one night? Answer: One afternoon, Marc found a card at his desk in his office that bore the name “Green Bottle Street” on it. 5. Did Marc know where Green Bottle Street was? Answer: No, Marc had never heard of this street before. It puzzled him no end that he knew nothing about a street with such an odd name in the city. 6. What did Marc decide to do when he saw the card? Answer: Marc made up his mind to go in search of this street. So, the next day he took the afternoon off from work, pleading sickness, and went looking for the street. 7. Did he find the street easily? Answer: He had a difficult time locating the street, although he knew that area very well. He walked past the address twice before he was able to find it. 8. What did he see on the street? Answer: Marc saw a cobbled street that was shaped like a bottle. There were three small houses on either side of the street. Each house had a small garden in front of it. The houses looked very neat and wellmaintained. 9. Who did Marc see? Describe the person and what she was doing. Answer: Marc saw a woman in the garden of one of the houses. She looked to be about sixty years old. She was watering roses in her garden.

10. Did Marc speak to the woman? What did he say to her? How did she respond? Answer: When the woman looked at him, Marc took off his hat and spoke to her. He told...
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