Topics: Patrilineality, Matrilineality, Kinship Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Class Log Section 2
Sarrah Leone
2-7: examples of endogamy and exogamy:
1.) Endogamy- An example of this would be marrying somebody within your own religion. 2.) Exogamy- An example would be marrying somebody outside of your own religion. 2-12: Devise two multiple choice questions patrilineal and matrilineal descent: 1.) Which of these answers is true for patrilineal descent? A.) You are close to your mother’s side

B.) You are close to your father’s side
C.) Both sides
D.) Neither sides
The correct answer is B.
2.) What does matrilineal descent mean?
A.) You are close to your father’s side
B.) You are close to your mother’s side
C.) Neither side
D.) All of the above
The correct answer is B.
2-14: What type of production or culture from the below list offers the most equality? * I think industrial production offers the most equality because it is the development of technology that increases productivity, profits, and also consumer commodity. So, this means that every person is able to have equal power to the resources. 2-21: 1.) In the U.S. how does American culture define success and the “good life?” In the U.S. success is having wealth and being able to take care of your family. Having a nice house and a good job would be defined as success in America also. People are very materialistic in America, so we need things to feel like we are successful. 2.) Compare this to how the “good life” and “success” are defined in Nai’s group. In Nai’s the “good life” doesn’t really have much money, so they aren’t able to buy things to provide for their family. If they are able to hunt and provide for their family then that is their definition of “success” and the “good life.” Nai’s group isn’t as materialistic as Americans, but they still value the same things, and if they are able to provide for their family in some way then they are successful. 3-5: Should Lia have been taken away from the Lees?...
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