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  • Published : October 4, 2012
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Last week, you subscribed to at least two R.S.S. feeds related to teaching and learning with technology. This week, summarize the contents of one article you found interesting from one of these feeds. What is the article about? What does it mean for you and your career in teaching and learning with technology? Was this article helpful to you in staying literate with educational technology? The article that I have chosen is “Life Hacker”. I felt this article to be very interesting because it talked about the use of the new media boxes that are slowly replacing the use of Cable TV. Now consumers have found out that it is more convenient to use the media boxes because all you need is an internet connection and it’s that easy. Cable TV is becoming the thing of the past and consumers are preferring the live streaming and user-friendly quality of these devices. I have personally thought about purchasing one of the new devices myself because it beats all the problems you have with Cable TV and the price is better on my budget. In relation to what this has to do with my career in teaching and learning with technology, the new media boxes provide an easier way to stream class work and content that you would have to normally order and wait for. Also, the media boxes are a onetime fee and cost of information will be lower. Cable TV is also limited to what they can provide to students and this gives the teacher an opportunity to step out of the realm of what is ordinary and venture out to new and more relevant information. Yes, this article was very important because this wave off technology is here to stay and we as teachers and educators need to get on board now to reap the benefits of this innovative source of media.
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