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The Problem and Its Background
Nowadays, people have been thinking of new inventions and projects that would make their lifestyle more convenient than it was before. As we have seen, industries have been using different technologies in their operation just to cope up with the rate of their productivity. We are now entering into the latest and innovative approach to modernization that is why many of us have been interested on how technologies work together to aid human.

Technology would not achieve the role of being well known without its foundation: education. This is the building block of all things; it is where new dreams, hopes, and futures are built step by step that is why the project focuses on how it will help to improve the education system. Teaching practices could be developed by introducing new instructional instruments. The proponents have proposed a project named “Write Anywhere Module”, a new system that incorporates technology and education. This project would facilitate the use of technology as an effective tool in learning and would definitely enhance students’ attentiveness and alertness in discussions. Imagine when learning is mixed with technology, wonderful outcomes will be produced. A more innovative and more convenient way of education creates a better future.

The board and chalk method of teaching is becoming outdated what with the advancements in technology. So the proponents conducted a study on the topic of the “Write Anywhere Module” and came up with the following questions: 1. How would the project affect the education system in our society? 2. What would be the significance of the project for its intended users, the professors and students? 3. What are the features of the “Write Anywhere Module” that makes it stand out from other similar system?

The general objective of this study is to develop and promote a new system, which is the “Write Anywhere Module”, that combines the wonders of technology with the learning system to solve real-world problems. The following statements are the specific objective of the project study: 1. To develop a new teaching methodology that incorporates technology in the education system thus, promoting a better society favorable for learning. 2. To break the traditional method of instructions in schools and universities by exposing both professors and students to a technologically advanced method of learning. 3. To create a system that could be used as a mouse pointer, as a virtual pen to write in most surface types, such as a whiteboard or a blackboard, and then save the writings as an image file.

This invention, “Write Anywhere Module”, was made primarily for people coming from school districts or universities. * Students
Since a lot of students now are technologically inclined, they can enjoy this new method of teaching. Students can be more interested in their lessons using this kind of technology. With the use of applications and eye catching dynamic presentations, the attention of the students are captured and it can be a lot better for them to enjoy at the same time they are learning. * Instructors

Using the project, professors or instructors can upgrade their teaching skill using a modern approach. The use of technology in the classroom could also add the feeling of professionalism and achievement for the professors. At the same time, capturing students’ interest could be easier with the incorporation of technology in their teaching.

* Universities
Universities and schools have been thinking of new programs to be offered to students and that is the main objective in the development of the project “Write Anywhere Module”, to improve the learning system. With the use of the new system, the school will be known as a technologically advanced organization that offers an advanced program....
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