With Reference to What You Have Learnt About City Road, Outline Some of the Differences Across Time and Space on a Street That You Know.

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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With reference to what you have learnt about City Road, outline some of the differences across time and space on a street that you know.

With reference to the materials I have studied, I am going to compare the similarities and differences between City Road and Spring Bank, Hull. Spring Bank is a street full of different identities and has many uses from different transport, people and shops to the night time life that’s around.

Spring Bank in Hull, is a street of very familiar activities to those on City Road. Spring Bank is a street full of connections mainly this is of an ethnic background, where people have come here from other countries. There are clusters of foreign shops, takeaways and restaurants, and most of the ethnic people live off the streets of Spring Bank whether in houses, flats or lodging, this shows that these people are comfortable and feel safe within their own social community and they all have a separate identity from their use of language to the way they look. Many English people do not feel that they belong on this street due to the dominant culture. This is similar to Nof (‘Connected Lives’, 2009, Scene 4) where Nof has connected to people due to his work however outside of work he still feels unaccepted within his society due to Nof being foreign, the way he looks and speaks has an effect on his sense of belonging and is disconnected as his origins are in other places.

City Road and Spring Bank are both streets that are used in similar but yet different ways for example the patterns during the day time with the traffic light systems. Which are set on different timers allowing transport to stop and go and pedestrians to cross the road safely. This is part of social order which is built in to the infrastructure of the streets which as seen in the past used to be the role of police officers in directing both traffic and pedestrians as described by Malcolm Ransom (Ransom, ‘Material Lives’, Scene 5).

At night these...
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