Employee Satisfaction at John Deere Harvester Works

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  • Published: September 4, 2008
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The continued loyalty of Deere employees to their company is a phenomenal achievement for any organization. This phenomenon did not happen by chance; it is due to the continued employee satisfaction that Deere strives to provide to its employees. Deere recognizes that each employee brings specific talents to the company, whether they are fresh out of college or close to retirement. The corporate values: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation, have always been a cornerstone to Deere’s success. They put them into place from the beginning and still follow them today. Having strong values that have stood the test of time allow for a workforce that can feel proud and satisfied to call John Deere their employer. Although the workforce is referred to as a team now instead of a family, the strong culture and values remain intact.

To fulfill the needs of their employees, John Deere performs an Employee Satisfaction survey every two years. These surveys are reviewed by Human Resources to find out what is most important to employees, favorable and unfavorable. The results are then discussed with area managers. Deere is showing commitment to continuous improvement of employee morale by involving executive level individuals in the communication of employees’ opinions of how John Deere is working for them. Through these surveys, the company can also identify which employee’s needs are not being met, and which employee groups could benefit by training and further education. Training employees makes them better suited for their current job, as well as the jobs they hope to hold in the future with Deere. Training employees shows confidence in their ability to achieve more, and provide the company with valuable skills.

John Deere has proven itself as an honest and ethical company. Employees are treated with enough respect that they have assurance knowing that if their job is in danger, they will know about it. Showing great confidence in its workforce,...
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