A Report on Training & Development Department of Spl

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Chapter -1

1.0 Introduction

Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is the leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. It has been running its business of about fifty two years and leading the pharmaceutical industry since 1985.Research points to the importance of good recruitment systems in the organizations. The 1980s brought downsizing, organizations were becoming too effective for their numbers of employees employed by them. Most problems concerning Human resources commence when training and development & recruitment and selection are not handled properly. Resignations, low motivation, poor performance may be due to incorrect procedures in the training and development process or in recruitment & selection. Training & Development enables for people to enhance their skills, keep them updated with recent changes. Square offer both on-the-job and off-the- job at both theoretical and practical training opportunities through a range of Local, Regional and International Training programs that include both functional and managerial levels on the basis of Training Need Assessment. Training Need Analysis (TNA) is conducted by Department Heads and Human Resource Department jointly on the basis of job analysis. The article also discusses the importance of good recruitment at technical & managerial levels & the implications that are encountered as a result of ad hoc recruitment process. Recruitment is responsibility of every manager in the organization.

1.2 Origin of the Report
Now a day, Education is not just limited to books and classr oom. From education the theoretical knowledge is obtained from course of study, which is only the half way of the subject matter Practical knowledge has no alternative. The perfect coordination between theory and practice is of paramount importance in the context of the modern business world now days. Therefore an opportunity is offered by Stamford University Bangladesh, for the potential business graduates to get three month practical experience, which is known as “Internship Program”. To complete of the internship program, the author of the study was placed in a Company namely, “Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd (SPL), for the period of three months starting from Jun 19, 2011 to September 19, 2011.Internship program brings a student closer to the real life situation and thereby helps to launch a career with some prior experience.

This project was assigned by the organizational Supervisor Ms. Tania Sultana, Executive in HR of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and was approved by the Faculty supervisor Mr. Md. Mohiuddin, Professor, Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka.

1.3 Significance of the Report
The main reason of this study is to become familiar with the realistic business world to attain practical knowledge about the Pharmaceutical related business in the corporate world. We all know that there is no alternative of practical knowledge which is more beneficial than theoretical aspects.

1.4 Objectives of the Report
The primary reason of writing this report is to fulfill the internship requirement of BBA program. The prime objective of the study will be to evaluate the recruitment and selection and procedure of Square Pharmaceutical Ltd. To facilitate achieve the prime objective; this study aims at attaining the following SPL operational objectives:

* To get a clear and practical knowledge about the business of SPL. * To understand the perspective of creating and presenting the new idea. * To fulfill the requirement of the BBA degree.

* To get practical idea about organizational environment. * To introduce the new situation, new environment.
* How management is analyzing work and planning for people?

1.5 Selection of the Topic
The topic selected for the study was chosen by me and approved by Dr. Shahid Uddin Ahmed.

Company Background

2.0 Organization History

SQUARE today...
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