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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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University of Phoenix

Guaynabo Campus

Week 2

Individual Assigment

Michelle Montcourt


Prof. María Ortíz Ortíz


1. Regulation of “home schooling”

Three major investigations were conducted in an effort to determine the impact of home school regulations on educational enrollments in the United States. Home school regulations were obtained from state departments of education and investigated to determine the strength of the accountability measures. Populations representative of the school-age population by state, school enrollment, school non-enrollment, and home school enrollment were collected using 2000 U. S. Census data. The relationship between the strength of the home school regulations and the home school enrollments was examined. Finally, the existence of a discrepant student population was assessed.

2. The effect of site-based management on accountabilty.


Site-based management, outcomes-based education and assessment, academic standards, effective assessment tools... children. A far-reaching effect of PL 94-142 has been the virtual elimination of the exclusion of disabled children from school. As the title of the act

3. Legal issues associated with “ability grouping”


4. Political aspects of phonics


Noting that the role of phonics in reading and writing has become as much a political issue as it has an educational one, this pamphlet offers a position statement regarding the role of phonics in a total reading program. It begins with three assertions regarding phonics and the teaching of reading: (1) the teaching of phonics is an important aspect of beginning reading instruction; (2) classroom teachers in the primary grades do value and do teach phonics as part of their reading programs; and (3) phonics instruction, to be effective in promoting independence in reading, must be embedded in the context of a total reading/language arts program. The pamphlet concludes with an outline for a professional stance towards phonics. (RS)

5. African-American opinion regarding vouchers


The article presents a case study of an opportunity-housing vouchers program in the U.S. The program is the approach used by Shaun Donovan, Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary and U.S. President Obama to improve the welfare of ghetto communities. The article discusses antighettoization, a new theory of justice for housing law, normative frameworks that guide U.S. housing law relative to antidiscrimination, remediation, and anti-disparate impact, and effective public policy.

6. The effect of class size on teacher hiring


This paper investigates the effects of California's billion-dollar class-size-reduction program on student achievement. It uses year-to-year differences in class size generated by variation in enrollment and the state's class-size-reduction program to identify both the direct effects of smaller classes and related changes in teacher quality. Although the results show that smaller classes raised mathematics and reading achievement, they also show that the increase in the share of teachers with neither prior experience nor full certification dampened the benefits of smaller classes, particularly in schools with high shares of economically disadvantaged, minority students.

7. The relationship between “parental involvement” and “Student achivement”


In this investigation we assessed the relationships between perceptions of parenting and student's academic motivation and success. College students completed a series of questionnaires assessing perceptions of parental warmth, autonomy granting, and supervision, and perceptions of academic control. Findings revealed different models for males and females. For females, perception of control was predicted by parental warmth...
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