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Demonstrative Communication Paper

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Demonstrative communication is simply the ability to listen and respond. However there is more to communication than that. Demonstrative communication includes verbal, nonverbal, body language, and how our tone voice is heard. These are all critical for communication and allow us to gain a better perspective in understanding one another. With technology, communication, has several different platforms for sending and receiving communication. We need to be more cautious with our communication as digital communication can be easily misunderstood and taken out of context if formatting and considerations of grammar and use of acronyms aren’t fully disclosed. We’ll look at a how demonstrative communication can be effective and how it can be ineffective as well. Lastly we looking into listening in greater detail and provide further insight in the art of listening and the impact it could have on daily communications.

Verbal, nonverbal, body language, and how our tone voice is heard are all part of our communication make up. Verbal communication is defined into two forms, oral and written. Nonverbal communication is associated with images and gestures. (Demonstrative Communication Researchomatic .Retrieved 2, 2014, from http://www.researchomatic.com/Demonstrative-Communication-103513.html).

Body Language is also part of our demonstrative communication. When using facial expressions, 55 percent of the meaning of the message is embedded. (Communicating in the Workplace, Cheesebro, O’Connor, and Rios, Chapter 4). Our voice is extremely important and understanding your voice and how it heard is the key to success in the business word. Another aspect to your voice are the characteristics associated and how this can be broken down. These can be broken down into four categories: phonemes, the sound of the language spoken. Syntax which is...
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