Bcom 275 Demonstrative Communication

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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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Demonstrative Communication
BCOM 275


Communication is often defined as the transmission of sending and receiving messages; connecting with individuals through the exchange of messages, thoughts, speech, signals, behavior, or writing. Communication can be verbal or nonverbal, written or visual. Oral communication includes spoken words and writing dialogues. Not involving or using words of speech is known as nonverbal communication. Facial expressions, body posture, eye contact, or gestures are part of nonverbal communication. Written communication can be through e-mails, reports, articles and many other ways. Facial expressions are a form of demonstrative communication. Communicating includes different facial expressions, tone of voice, or body language to deliver the message. A smile is an example of a positive facial expression, and a frown will be viewed in a more negative manner. Some interpret a grin as arrogance, which obviously would have a negative effect. The audience could take this in the wrong manner and create an isolated situation. Depending on the subject that is being discussed it is up to the lecturer to bring out the right facial expressions. If the subject relies on a more serious matter, the lecturer should not frown but instead maintain a serious face to get the point across. If there is a sense of comedy in the discussion or presentation, the lecturer needs to maintain some laughter as well as smiling during the presentation. Body language is another form of demonstrative communication. Body language can push to be very successful in many situations including social interaction and communication with people. A negative type of body language would be someone crossing their arms. Even if the intention and words are still good, the body language over powers that and the audience still views this as a negative vibe. Another important and effective part of body language is eye contact. When lecturing to an audience,...
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