Demonstrative Communication Bcom 275

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To understand demonstrative communication, we must understand what communication is to begin with. Communication is the process of sending and receiving information. There are many ways we can exchange this information whether it be in verbal or nonverbal means. Verbal communication is a way of communicating on face-to-face level using words, sounds, language, and speaking. Nonverbal communication is a way of communicating through nonverbal messages ways usually through eye contact, body language, facial expressions, and posture. With both means of communication there are positive and negative aspects for both sender and receiver.

Verbal communication has many positive aspects. It is a direct form of communication. With the use of eye contact, the sender, and the receiver will obtain an immediate response and immediate feedback. This type of communication is back and forth. The sender encodes a message, and the receiver decodes the message. Figure 1 demonstrates an effective communication process. Encodes


Figure 1: Communication Process Model

Verbal communication is personable and can occur in different communication levels such as small talk, opinion talk, feelings talk, and informative talk.
There are also negative characteristics about verbal communication. First of all, there may be a language barrier. Because there are different languages in the world and different dialects verbal communication can be a barrier in this situation. Another obstacle can be an age barrier or even the way a person was brought up. For instance, an older person in their 60s may have a conservative upbringing and a person in their 20s may be more liberal with their beliefs. This can cause a different in opinion as well as a difference in communication. Noise can be a factor as well. There are all different categories of noise such as internal noise, external noise, and...
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