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Tourism is defined as a composite of activities, services, and industries that delivers a travel experience to individuals and groups travelling fifty miles or more from their homes for purposes of pleasure. The business sectors comprising the tourism industry include: transportation, accommodations, eating and drinking establishments, shops, entertainment venues, activity facilities, and a variety of hospitality service providers who cater to individuals or groups travelling away from home.  Tourism product is not produced by a single business, non-profit organization, or governmental agency; rather, it is defined as “a satisfying visitor experience.”  This definition encompasses every activity and experience that a tourist encounters during his or her entire trip away from home.

Types of tourism:
1. Domestic tourism, involving residents of the given country traveling only within this country; 2. Inbound tourism, involving non- resident traveling in the given country; 3. Outbound tourism, involving residents traveling in another country. 4. Internal tourism, which comprises domestic tourism and inbound tourism; 5. National tourism, which comprises domestic tourism and outbound tourism; 6. International tourism, which consists of inbound tourism and outbound tourism. How has tourism grown?

The tourist industry in MEDCs has grown significantly over the last 50 years. People are taking longer holidays, are travelling more frequently and travelling to destinations further away. There are a number of reasons for this. These include: * increase in income

* the introduction of holiday pay
* developments in transport (e.g.
* people have more holiday time from work
* cheap flights from budget airlines
* the growth of tourism has had a positive effect on income and development in many countries therefore tourism is actively encouraged. * Changes in lifestyle and interests mean people are more interested in...
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