What Are the Challenges Facing the Travel Industry in the Coming Years?

Topics: Tourism, Airline, Taj Mahal Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: July 2, 2012
The travel industry, also referred to as the tourism industry, encompasses all the institutions and firms which deal with people who travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one year. Throughout the years, the travel and tourism industry has continued to flourish leaving its impacts on the world. However, the challenges it might be facing in the coming years are still uncertain. It might not be necessary that travelling always deals with “travel abroad by plane”. However, the airline services provided by companies are very closely linked to the travel industry. Be it abroad or in one’s country itself, people can afford to travel for short distances by plane now. Yet, that might not be the case in future years. With the implementation of higher tax rates on air tickets, people are considering it more expensive to travel by plane. Sometimes, more than 50% of the air fare includes taxes and surcharges. The aviation industry has become one of the most taxed industries worldwide and this problem seems to have no end. These will indeed have serious repercussions on the travel industry in coming years. In order to cater for tourists and foreign visitors, countries have made best use of its natural resources and have exploited them thoroughly to satisfy their needs. Forests and coastal regions were cut down to allow space for hotels. Many of these actions disrupted the well being of these countries by causing pollution and by destroying the world heritages found there. A nice example would be the Taj Mahal which was made of white marbles now turned yellow because of pollution. Due to these problems, the travel industries which include airline companies, tour operators and hotel chains will face a decline in the number of tourists visiting them as they will no longer provide the same satisfaction that they once provided. They will become loss making institutions. Again, in relationship with the number of tourists visiting the...
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