Winter Sports Anaylsis

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What is the key issues facing the Philippines tourism industry? How has it affected tourism arrivals to the country compared to similar countries in the region? In this essay I will be discussing in detail about the key issues facing the Philippines tourism industry through my research. My essay will begin with how important tourism is in general. I then will point out the main issues that some countries face involving the tourism industry. The core of my essay will begin with facts and figures about the Philippines and their tourism. I will then identify the key issues that the Philippines face? How it has affected the country and most importantly, how it has affected their tourism and their arrivals? To show my understanding, I will choose another country within the region to compare the Philippines with. Once I have researched, identified, described and investigated the main issues, I will summarise and conclude my essay showing my understanding. What is tourism? According to the UNWTO, their definition of Tourism is “Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes." (UNWTO, 2009). They believe that tourism is completely different from Travel, people travel and the tourism happens with displacement outside the usual environment. Tourism will always be defined differently as the first definition was made by Guyer Feuler in 1905. Macintosh and Goeldner’s definition of tourism is "Tourism is a collection of activities, services and industries which deliver a travel experience comprising transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking establishments, retail shops, entertainment businesses and other hospitality services provided for individuals or groups travelling away from home"(Ugurlu .T. (2010) - Macintosh and Goeldner). This definition is different from UNWTO definition as they believe tourism is a collection which involves everything put together to carry out a travel experience. Whether there are different definitions, travel will always be part of tourism and that’s what creates the Travel and Tourism Industry. The travel and tourism industry has played a massive part in today’s living as more and more people are travelling for several reasons. This could be for business reasons, visiting families and friends, educational reasons or vacation reasons. Shown below is a diagram which shows a typical breakdown of segments which shows the type of tourist that travel for a purpose. Types of tourist by purpose of travel

Tourists and excursionists
Business purposes
Recreational purposes


‘Company’ business
Religion, VFR & Study
Health and sport

Incentives Trips
Sales trips etc.

Bull. A. (1995) Adrian Bull ‘The Economics of travel and tourism 2nd edition’

The travel and tourism industry continues to grow. In 2005 (WTTC) also known as the World Travel And Tourism Council, “Estimated that travel and tourism as economic activities generated US$6201 billions which is expected to grow to US$10678.5 billion by 2015”. This is a positive effect because it increases the economies of most countries. Travel and tourism is important as mention before because of its positive affect which has lead to many countries rely on their tourism. Not only does it benefit countries but also benefits travel and tourism organisations and their customers. There are thousands of companies that work in the travel and tourism industry and they all have aims and objectives which involves making sure that they satisfy their customers and this is mostly achieve by working together. The diagram below shows the different types of sectors within the travel and tourism industry. Ancillary services

Tour operators

Sector of the Travel and tourism Industry

Travel Agents

Figure 1.2 Sectors of the travel...
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