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Tourism is the business of providing tours and services for tourists. Tourism is a service industry. The tourist industry in has grown significantly over the last 50 years. People are taking longer holidays, are travelling more frequently and travelling to destinations further away. There are a number of reasons for this. These include: • increase in income

• the introduction of holiday pay
• Developments in transport
• people have more holiday time from work
• cheap flights from budget airlines
• the growth of tourism has had a positive effect on income and development in many countries therefore tourism is actively encouraged • Changes in lifestyle and interests mean people are more interested in travelling to more exotic and unusual destinations. The National Hotel & Tourism Training Institute (NHTTI) was established in 1974 under ‘Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation’ (The National Tourism Organization). The efficient management of Tourism Products depends upon professional training. In order to develop professionalism and provide a cadre of skilled and trained manpower to meet the increasing demands of the trained personnel for Hotel & Tourism Industry both at home and abroad, this Institute offers various courses of different duration. Besides offering regular courses, NHTTI in 1994 as a test case for the first time started a two year long diploma in Hotel Management Course. With the expansion of tourism in the country, need for skilled manpower in the supervisory level is felt every now and then. Hence, Diploma certificate in Hotel Management Course has been re-introduced on a regular basis. The institute also provides in-service and on the job training for BPC personnel and arrange special seminar and workshop related to tourism development.

1.1. Origin of the term paper:

The report is assigned us by our respected teacher ,Dr. Asraful Chowdury, Professor of the ‘University of Dhaka’. He consigns us with this report to realm our knowledge in tourism and relate theoretical and practical knowledge altogether.

1.2.Objectives of the term paper:

The term paper has two types of objectives.

Broader objective:

The broad objective of the term paper is to know about NHTTI.

Specific objective:

The specific objective of this report is to relate theoretical and practical knowledge. To

understand about tourism sector and to understand about the contribution of NHTTI in this sector.


This term paper is made by us through secondary methods of data collection. Like-

• Collection of information from Books
• Collection of information from Web-Sites.
We prepare the term paper by Desk-work, Group-study. We use MS-Word to prepare this term paper.

1.4. Limitations of the report:

For finding out information a little bit problems was faced by us. Like-

• Time Constrain: We have to prepare this term paper within three weeks. If we got more time we would make it more informative. • Monetary Problem: We faced financial problem too. If we did not face it we would make it more attractive. | | |Findings: | |2.1. Course outline and analysis: | |1.DIPLOMA IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT...
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