Difference Between Manpower Training and Manpower Development

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Differentiate Between Manpower Training & Manpower Development Manpower development is a process of intellectual and emotional achievement through providing the means by which people can grow on their jobs. It relates to series of activities, which an enterprise would embark upon to improve its managerial capacity. It is an educational process, utilizing a systematic organizational procedure by which a worker learns the conceptual and theoretical knowledge for effective pursuance of their responsibilities. Training is a process when under company auspices seeks a planned, coordinated and conscious manner to develop in the employees those understanding skill and attitude, which will maximize individual’s present and future efficiency and effectiveness of the overall company operations. Training usually refers to some kind of organized (and finite it time) event -- a seminar, workshop that has a specific beginning date and end date. It's often a group activity, but the word training is also used to refer to specific instruction done one on one. Manpower development is a systematic process of training and growth by which individuals gain and apply knowledge, skill, insights and attitude, manage work and personnel effectively. It involves the estimation of the demand for the supply of management staff for the organization in future. It is the involvement of efforts aimed at improving the quality as well as the number of management staff. Some authors used the terms “training” and “development” as synonyms while some believe that training is part of development, Jones, George and Hill, (2000) says “Manpower Training primarily focuses on teaching organisational members how to perform their current jobs and helping them acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be effective performer while Manpower Development on the other focuses on building the knowledge and skills of organisational members so that they will be prepared to take on new responsibilities and...
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