Employee Training

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Employee Training and Career Development
Marty Carbajal
HRM 300 Fundamentals of Human Resources Management
Jennifer Brito
April 1, 2013

Training in an organization’s development
The importance of employee training cannot be over emphasized; employee training is at the core of every organization, indeed in every job. Without proper training, the ability of every employee can be compromised and lead to unsafe situations. In order for an employee to fulfill the strategic goals of the organization, he or she must be given the necessary tools, both physical and intellectual, to perform his or her job to its specific requirements. Employee training is designed to promote competency in performance of a specific position in an organization. It is only through proper employee training and development that the organization strategic goals can be fulfilled. Employee development methods and benefits

Employee training and employee development are closely related. Employee training refers to short term training and education that the employee uses to perform the job correctly and efficiently. Employee development on the other hand refers to training and education that the employee uses for future assignments or positions of greater responsibility within the organization. It is clear that as a nation requires an educated voting populous, so does an organization needs an educated and trained workforce to be successful and endure the test of time. As we shift our focus from the short term where employee training is, to the longer term and discuss employee development which involves future oriented training which involves the personal growth of the employees. There are different types of employee development methods that can be useful to the personal growth of the employee, among them: Job Rotation involves assigning employees to diverse positions in the organization in an effort to deepen their knowledge, skills,...
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