The Impact of Training and Development on Employees' Performance in the Banking Industry. a Case Study of Zenith Bank Plc.

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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Manpower Training and Development is a very important aspect of human resources management which must be embarked upon either proactively or reactively to meet any change brought about in the course of time. The rationale behind it is to web the job and the job-holder together to achieve the organizational objectives. This research focuses on the impact of training and development on employees’ performance in the banking industry using Zenith bank plc as a case study. The instrument used is questionnaire and chi-square is used to test the relationship between the variables, which has proven that there is a significant relationship between training and development and employees’ performance.

Since it is the desire of every goal-mindful organization to deliver both itself and other beneficiaries it is representing, it must pursue everything possible to attain the objectives of being established. The Human Resources or Human Capital, as it is often referred to now, constitute a dynamic and important resource available to an organization and as a result, desire considerable attention. Their careful acquisition, utilization and maintenance by an organization management are important in other to realize their full potential on the job and ensure the ultimate survival of the organization. Training and Development is an aspect of human resources management in an organization which must be embarked upon either proactively or reactively to meet any change brought in the course of time. Training and Development is often described as a change agent whose purpose is to effect positive and permanent change in knowledge, skills and attitude for improved performance of an employee. All employees regardless of their previous education, training and experience need to be introduced to their work environment and show how to perform a specific task. The rationale behind it is to web the job and the job-holder together in such a way that both of them will fit each other for the purpose of achieving the organizational objectives and also reduce the personnel turnover. Overtime, training and development has not been accorded its rightful place in planning and budgeting of most establishments. The neglect alerted the government in their development plan (1970 – 1975) to establish institutions like: * Industrial Training Funds (ITF)

* Centre for Management Development (CMD)
* Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON)
These institutions were established to oversee, regulate and accelerate training activities for companies in Nigeria. Almost every organization today has their training institute for formal training and development to enhance employee performance towards achieving organizational objectives. An increase or desired level of productivity and better performance of staff no doubt depends on proper training and development. This is why it has become necessary to carry out this research study in order to understand the role of training and development on employees’ performance in the overall attainment of any organization considering Zenith Bank Plc. as a case study.

Training and Development is a core factor to the attainment and achievement of organization productivity. It is interesting to note that the level of training given to the staff will enhance their performance, which affects the productivity of the organization. Also, it is apparent that the development and technological achievement of an organization depends not only on its availability but on the articulation and effective utilization of the human resources. Based on the knowledge of training and development, the following problems were identified: * The attitude and response of staff of middle and lower class to training is low...
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