Cultural Diversity in the Workforce

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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Cultural Diversity in the Workforce

Cultural diversity in the workforce has both advantages and disadvantages. Just like anything implemented in business, there are always things that are great in one perspective and of course things that are not going to work well in every situation. An example of this is resolving conflicts in the workforce due to cultural diversity. What can a company do to resolve conflicts in the workforce because of cultural diversity? There are, however, things that companies can do to help resolve these conflicts. In this paper these topics will be discussed.

First of all, what is cultural diversity? According to Thomas, “Diversity is not synonymous with differences, but encompasses differences and similarities”(1996). Many people concentrate on the differences but what must be understood is that it is both the differences and similarities simultaneously that make up diversity.

Some of the advantages of a cultural diversity in the workforce is that the employees are more likely to have an “improved understanding of customers, increased productivity, a variety of viewpoints and spoken languages”(Vogel, 2010). In an office that has employees of different cultures, these employees are more likely to be more understanding and respectful of other’s culture and lifestyle. According to Vogel “Having people of varying cultures, backgrounds and languages working together can improve customer service. Their collective backgrounds and experiences make them more understanding of various lifestyles and better able to relate”(2010). Because of this, employees are better able to serve and understand customers or clients better which is also better for a company’s future business. When a company is better able to understand their clients or customers culture and language, the better that company will render customer service and in the end this will secure the company’s future business with their clients. Another...
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