Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Thinking about Diversity and Inclusion

University of Phoenix
Cultural Diversity
SOC 315
Stephanie Medley-Rath
February 01, 2012

Thinking about Diversity and Inclusion
We live in a society and a country that is able to incorporate different cultures and be as diverse as possible. The following paper will address the dimensions of cultural diversity, the ethnic and cultural groups in which I identify, the difference between diversity and inclusion, the importance of workplace diversity training, and my experience with workplace culture. “Primary dimensions are considered to be more fixed, visible, and relevant to an individual’s identity. Secondary dimensions are considered to be more fluid, and less central to one’s social identity” (Harvey & Allard, 2009, p. 47). Primary dimensions are that of one’s age, race, and gender as these cannot be changed. Secondary dimensions are those of one’s religion, family status, and geographic location. The secondary dimensions can be changed at any time, for example, a person may be single living in California and later be married living in Florida. The primary and secondary dimensions define a person and their ethnicity and culture. Schaefer (2011) believes culture diversity is based on subordinate groups. These can be racial groups, ethnic groups, religious groups, and or gender groups. It is also believed that a person will stay within their group; racial, ethnic, or otherwise, as that is what makes them more comfortable. I am a Caucasian female raised in the South Eastern region of the United States and I was raised within a Methodist church. I married a man in the Air Force and moved to Pennsylvania. These life changes changed my dimensions. I will always consider myself a southern girl, but reside in the north where I do not always fit in with some others. I tend to stick with other military spouses as they know and understand what it is like to be living in the military. I also work as a nurse so the...
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