The Predicament and Fortune of Rr Feeds, Inc

Topics: Employment, Organizational studies and human resource management, Management Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The Predicament and Fortune of RR Feeds, Inc.
Randolph M. Hill
Webster University

The Predicament and Fortune of RR Feeds, Inc.
The RR Feeds, Inc was a hundred year old family-owned organization located in rural North Dakota. It had a warm family friendly business with a work environment to be appreciated. Over the past two years RR Feed, Inc has run into problems causing lay off staff, restrict spending, cut bonuses and ‘tighten their belts.’ Employee morale is down and there is new prevailing employee attitude of doing as little as possible. A perception of favoritism is pervasive throughout the organization. The intent of this paper is to conduct an in depth analyze the down fall of the RR Feeds, Inc organization, analyze the process for evaluating the future design of the organization, identify the challenges, and finally to provide a recommendations to the Management Team that will help save RR Feed, Inc. The Fall from Grace

RR Feeds, Inc management has suffered what Sohail Inayatullah stated in the article Capitalism forever? Why Companies Fail: “capitalism defines what we do and how we do it. Fish cannot see water nor can we see life after capitalism. Those at the center, who are mostly deeply vested in it, especially cannot see its future (Inayatullah).” RR management organizational behavior, through all of the generational handoffs, had failed to plan for the future due to their deep investment during the generational snap shot in time. The rapidity of change in the last two year over rode the psychological contract within the organization which leads to layoffs and perceptions of favoritism. Organizational values were forgotten leading employees down the road to increased stress and low morale. RR organizational culture of a hundred years eroded to what it is today—a failing organization. The Evolution of RR

The way back for RR lies in the hands of the Human Resources (HR). Their ability to evaluate skills, abilities, attitudes, and...
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