Leadership Assesment

Topics: Employment, Management, Leadership Pages: 5 (1582 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Leadership Assessment
Estefania Eaton
BUS 302 Management Concepts
Professor Monique Baucham
Strayer University
November 4 2012

Leadership Assessment

I have had many jobs over the last 10 years but I think there is one that left me the most knowledge when it comes to leadership motivation, and also I think that it left a positive impact on me. The company I am going to describe is Victoria’s Secret. I was the operations and staffing supervisor at one of the retail stores, my direct report was the brand delivery and operations manager and this is the person who I want to describe. She had excellent leadership skills, and even though some of the decisions she made sometimes didn’t seem fair they taught me how to be fair and to treat everyone with respect and equally. What I learned was that as a manager we should always make sure we motivate our team and recognize their efforts as well as coach their mistakes. Her biggest skill was the motivation of the team; if the team was happy and motivated then they would always do a better job. Some of the negative things that I observed from here where that sometimes she had preferences for some employees than others, and sometimes she didn’t give everyone the chance to grow and develop inside the company. Even though this was a negative impact, I learned that it was wrong and that everyone deserves a chance to evolve. (Williams, 2013)

Organizational Structure
The organizational structure and culture of the company is based on retail and customer service. They made sure everyone had appropriate training to realize that the customer was always the first priority. The approach helped me learn that every business has a priority and that we have to be flexible to learn a develop skills in each job that we may have. Customer service is a really important on the retail business. This is why during the hiring process I had to focus on whether the candidate was going to do an excellent job with customer service. I learned from my boss that skills can always be improved and the way she handled it was trough motivation and recognition. When an associate was doing a really good job with the customers then she recognized their efforts and motivated them to continue the hard work and that always led to great customer service as well as better sells for the store.

Ethical Conduct
The ethical conduct was great other than the issue I mentioned before about some favoritism. If we really think about it that is consider discrimination. She had great communication skills and made sure every employee knew they had the right to an open policy which enabled them to give feedback and also to provide their opinions for better success. (Ng, E., & Sears, G 2012)

Best practices
1. Know and care about the concerns of your employees: Employers should take the time to talk to them and discuss their priorities and desires. Frequent informal conversations will help know more about them as individuals and enable the employer to better understand what really motivates each of their employees. 2. Develop and communicate a compelling organizational vision: People become motivated if they are excited about the purpose, the goals of the organization and how they can contribute towards achieving them. If the employer communicates a clear vision with passion and enthusiasm. Each employee needs to understand how their own work contributes towards the company achieving its goals. To be motivated, they need to be confident that their work makes a difference. 3. Ensure compensation and other rewards and benefits are fair. There are a number of extrinsic rewards that have a short-term impact on motivation. Salary increases, company stock options, bonuses, vacation days or upgrades to the work environment will be appreciated by your employees. However all of these basic motivational tools can become...
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