Glass Ceiling Effect

Topics: Glass ceiling, Employment, Decision making Pages: 11 (4212 words) Published: February 3, 2012
Executive Summary
The title “glass ceiling effect as a barrier to achieve true Diversity in Organizations” is a research topic put together in order to investigate and understand problems associated with discrimination of women and minority at work. Globalization has brought about the need for the free movement of not only labor but also goods, services and capital making it easy for people to find jobs and settle anywhere. One of the important features of globalization is having organizations with diverse workforce. However, many organizations cannot achieve organizational diversity due to a phenomenon called the glass ceiling effect. Glass ceiling is being defined simply as a discrimination against the working minority and women. Organizations have realized how important it is to keep a truly diverse workforce. Some of the benefits associated with having diverse workforce include improved decision making, innovative ideas and having access to different markets and consumers amongst other things. The change in labor and consumer demographics further makes glass ceiling an interesting issue to explore. The study has unearthed problems which are seen as the reasons the glass ceiling is becoming a barrier to organizational diversity. Further the study has studied other published literatures and based on that draw some conclusions as to why the glass ceiling still exists despite all the efforts by the government and other stakeholders to break it. Finally, the study looked at the subject matter from the Islamic point of view and offered some conclusions on where Islam stands in relation to the subject matter.

The Glass Ceiling Effect as barrier to achieve true Diversity in Organizations Part 1
With the increasing interconnection of the global economies through globalization movement of work force has become very easy allowing people to find jobs easily not only within their countries, continent but also across the globe. One of the significant features of globalization is having organizations/corporations operating with diverse workforce. Despite being the practice everywhere across the business world there are still complaints regarding diversity in organization as discrimination still exists against the minority and the women or simply put “the glass ceiling effect”. Changing demographics such as the growing numbers of women and minority and inward migration have brought about the need to address the glass ceiling problems. For example in most European countries there is an aging population which in the longer future will affect the European economies. Therefore in order for Europe to survive there is the need to allow for migration of non-European workers to Europe and that could only be possible if issues like the glass ceiling are being addressed (world fact book, 2011). Human rights group and non-governmental organizations have established some advocacy campaign programs against the glass ceiling phenomenon world over trying to call for government legislation against the problem as well as educating the public about it. Despite these global campaigns about making way for women and the minority to climb up the ladder of management amongst others, little has since changed. This paper intends to study and understand how the glass ceiling effect is becoming barrier to achieve true organizational diversity. Before delving into the central theme of the paper it is important to define some important terms in order to simplify understanding of the topic to the audience. The Glass Ceiling

The glass ceiling effect got to the print media for the first time in 1984 in the United States. And by 1991 the glass ceiling effect has become an issue causing problems in the country forcing the U.S government to enact the civil rights act of 1991. Since then the public became very wary of the term and its effects on the minority and the women (Falk and Grizard, 2003). According to Cotter, Hermsen, Ovadia and...
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